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Mrs E.K.
Thika-Kenya-E. Africa
Feb. 2, 96

Dear Pastor Robert L. Bufkin,

I'm a Kenyah Government Enrolled Community Nurse working at the Kenyas Infectious Diseases Hospital, Nairobi Kenya.

This is the hospital where all people with infectious diseases are brought in Kenya.

My husband is a senior officer with the Kenya Airforce.

I'm pleased to hereby give you a report about what happened after you visited our hospital on 10.2.96 and prayed for 31 patients who had A.I.D.S and T.B.

Let me first tell you that you made History to come to our hospital and lay your hands on AIDS patients.

No preacher has ever come to lay hands on people who are HIV positive.

After your visit, immediately we started seeing changes on most of the patients. We can confess that we stated seeing the changes with the first people you prayed for.

Do you remember the ward where you prayed for 4 patients who could not come out of the ward? Do you remember that when you were there no nurse came inside that room? We could not come because of fear but this is where things started, we could not believe our eyes because within just few hours, three out of the four patients could now sit one died the next day but the three were discharged exactly one week after your visit.

Praise the Lord!

In two weeks, we had discharged almost all of the 30 patients. Out of these were 6 prisoners who were discharged almost immediately.

Let me tell you that we who are in the medical profession don't give any credit to God for healing but since I am the one who was treating these patients before you came and I followed them after you prayed for them, I have seen it better to give the Lord Jesus Christ the Glory and Honour for the healings because He came when we had failed.

Now the six wards in block one which the power of God emptied are now full again with new patients. Please we are requesting you to plan to come as quickly as possible so that these people can also be healed and also you go to more wards.

As we continue with our work, we who know the Lord Jesus, we try to tell the patients about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Wishing you God's blessings as you continue to preach Jesus and bring deliverance to the whole world.

God bless you and remember to pray for us.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Mrs E.K.

MY PERSONAL TESTIMONY - By Joshua N. February 1996, Nairobi,Kenya.

My name is Joshua Ngao. and I love Jesus Christ. He is to me my Lord and my Savior. I would like to give a short testimony of how I came to meet Jesus. I was born in Kenya. After the school I joined the Hotel industry as a waiter. I worked at that trade for ten years. In all that time I thought I was a Christian.
One day in October 1992, as I went on serving breakfast to the customers as usual, I noticed one customer who was not behaving like the other customers. He was cool and his face seemed to invite everybody so that he could share something with them.
I saw that the customer had finished his piece of banana so I went to him and asked him, please Sir, can I bring for you another banana? He smiled and said yes.
I went and brought for him a banana and before he touched it he asked me my name and he straight away preached to me about the Cross and the Blood of Jesus Christ.
I accepted the words and he led me to say the sinner’s prayer right there at the dining hall. Before he left, he prayed for me to be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. Immediately I got filled with the power of the Holy Ghost and I was speaking in tongues. Later he baptized me in water using only the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I DID NOT KNOW THAT THAT DAY WAS THE GATE OF MANY THINGS IN MY LIFE. I can say that I started living from that day.
Next the Rev. Bufkin gave the most amazing prophecy about the President of Kenya, the Honorable Daniel Moi. The election was coming up and both the big newspapers, The Standard and The Daily were very against the President. The press was all saying the President was certain to lose this election. The F.O.R.D. political party was very against President Moi and all the papers said their candidate would beat President Moi and win the election.
But a week before the election, the Lord gave Rev. Robert L. Bufkin a prophecy about the election. He wrote down the prophecy and mailed it to the President that same day. The prophecy said:
"Don't worry President Moi, the Lord Jesus said you will win this election and gave some reasons why."

  1. You will win because you have welcomed the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ freely in Kenya.
  2. And your heart is Kenya. You love the nation and sacrifice everything for the good of the people of Kenya.
  3. Because you do try to crucify and throw stones at your opposition but you allow them freedom to express their views. But also, you honor and adopt the good opinions they have all for the good of the people of Kenya.
  4. Because you send armed troops to patrol the borders of Kenya and keep out the cut-throats and protect your country from invasion of evil men who only want to harm Kenya and its people.

The Rev. Bufkin mailed that prophecy to the president one week before the election. Then when the President won, just as the prophecy had said, the entire nation rejoiced for the people of Kenya had learned to love and trust President Moi.
THEN after Rev. Bufkin left for his homeland, I spent many days and months going to the government offices seeking to register the ministry. But the government had stopped registering new ministries years back so everybody told me that it was in vain to try to register the ministry.
The government started investigating who the founder of the ministry was and what his ministry has done to the Kenyans.
The government got hundreds of testimonies of healings through the Lords servant but they were still not fully convinced to register the ministry of Rev. Bufkin, which he had named the, “fishers of men” Ministries-Kenya.
Finally in the month of November 1994, they found a letter Bro. Robert L. Bufkin had written to president Moi back in 1992, just two weeks before the first Kenya Multi Party Election. In the letter he had told the President not to worry because the Lord had favor on him and he will be re-elected.
The government officials called me immediately and told me that "We have now discovered a new evidence concerning the founder of your ministry and we are ordering it to be registered immediately."
The ministry got registered on November 15th 1994 with the name of "fishers of men" WORLD MISSIONARY OUTREACH-KENYA. ROBERT L. BUFKIN MINSITRIES.
I'M Bro. R.L. Bufkin's own son in the faith.
Jesus Christ has changed me from a Hotel waiter to a minister of the Gospel with the "fishers of men" WORLD MISSIONARY OUTREACH-Kenya; Robert L. Bufkin MINISTRIES.
s/s Pastor Joshua K. Ngao 4/2/96

Healing of M.S. in a youth - From:Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Dear Rev. Robert L. Bufkin (these are the actual words of the parents) It was a real pleasure meeting you in Prince Albert when you visited there. Thank you for coming! You will recall praying for our 13 year old son, Samuel. It gives me great pleasure to report that by His stripes. Samuel has been healed! He is an altogether different young man. He has much more freedom of movement and just the other day he got 100% on a Math test at school -quite an improvement on a child that the doctors told us shortly after he was born that he may never walk or talk. He no longer manifests the symptoms of M.S. that we were so fearful of Praise the Lord !!!
Background. The parents own a business in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. They drove to Prince Albert and when they arrived. they "dragged" their son into the room and set him in a chair. He could not stand alone or walk. I ministered to him (and the parents) and cast the M.S. devil out and it came out instantly. The boy then was able to walk (wobbly) out of the room by his own efforts. The parents were ecstatic. They had never seen a miracle before. And they were also amazed when I refused money. I never accept money for prayer.

By Robert L. Bufkin
PO Box 25
Harrison AR 72602

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