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I am your neighbor. I live over on Danner St. I CAME TO YOUR DOOR TODAY, BECAUSE I CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU. So I am offering some vital information to you about your future-which could be in danger.

First, let us agree on a few things if possible - - - - Jesus Christ is not in a popularity contest. Jesus pays no attention to public opinion polls. Jesus is not a white man. Jesus is not an American. Jesus  church is not a democracy. It is a total theocracy with Jesus only as the King of Kings. Your only hope for happiness here and eternal life hereafter is to do what Jesus said: Be born of the water and born of the Spirit as in Acts 2:37,38-42; Acts 10: 43-48; Acts 19:1-7. Read those examples. Then read John 3:3-8 where Jesus said, You must be born again, to see or enter the Kingdom of heaven.

WE all agree that John the Baptist said that, his ministry was to baptize people with water; BUT the ministry of Jesus Christ would be to baptize people with the Holy Ghost. Mark 1:8 ; Luke 3:16; Matthew 3:11; John 1:30-33. John said, I baptize you with water; but He (Jesus) will baptize you with the Holy Ghost. So it was John the Baptist who introduced Holy Ghost Baptism. But when did Jesus begin his Baptism with the Holy Ghost ---in Acts 2:4-42. Read it.

WE also agree that the apostle Paul preached the same Gospel everywhere he went. He said so many times. (Gal.1:6-12).

And in, Act 19:1-7, Paul& came to Ephesus: and finding certain disciples, He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed ? And they said unto him, We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost. Unto what then were ye baptized ? And they said, Unto John's baptism. [ We see, their preacher left out the other half

of John s message - - Holy Ghost baptism??? Like many do today ] Then said Paul, John verily baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying unto the people, that they should believe on him which should come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus. {Paul brought them up to date re-baptized them. Have you been brought up to date?}

When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesied. And all the men were about twelve. Acts 19:1-7. Where would this church be listed in The YELLOW PAGES????

WE MUST agree that the church at Ephesus would be listed under PENTECOSTAL CHURCHES.

WE MUST ALSO agree that the church at Jerusalem was a Pentecostal type church because all 120 of them spoke with unknown tongues when Jesus baptized them with the Holy Ghost and they acted like drunk people; Acts 2:4 -42, is proof of this as is Acts 11:13-18; along with Acts 15:7-11. PENTECOSTAL is the only LISTING for them. Ha!

THEN WE ALSO AGREE THAT ; the churches at Corinth and Caesarea (Acts 10) where they all started speaking in unknown tongues at one time during church service, 1 Cor. 14:1-38, were Pentecostal type churches. Paul was a Pentecostal preacher. Wake up neighbor. Their mis-use of the Gift at Corinth was not the fault of the Gift of God, but of their pastors lack of instruction.

And WE agree that at Philippi, when the jailer asked Paul and Silas, What must I do to be saved? Paul replied. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved and thy house. That type of doctrine sounds like the group at Philippi would be listed under BAPTIST churches in the Yellow Pages. But dont forget : Paul preached the same gospel everywhere he went. Therefore, Philippi was a Pentecostal Church. And how do we know that ???

Remember that: We have agreed that the churches at Jerusalem, Ephesus, Caesarea and Corinth were all Pentecostal type churches that would all be listed in the Yellow Pages under PENTECOSTAL churches for they all spoke in unknown tongues when baptized in the Holy Ghost and baptized in water in Jesus Name. Paul was a Pentecostal preacher.

So now WE have no choice but to agree also that : The Lord would not start a Pentecostal tongue talking church at Jerusalem; and start a Pentecostal tongue talking church at Ephesus; and a Pentecostal tongue talking church at Corinth and Caesarea and then play a dirty, lying, deceiving two-faced trick on humanity by starting a Baptist church at Philipp i that hates speaking in tongues. Jesus and Paul would not deceive mankind that way.

Luke was not in that dungeon with Paul and Silas, so the details are missing. The church at Philippi was PENTECOSTAL . Paul started ONLY PENTECOSTA L Churches everywhere he went. Paul is not a liar and deceiver, he preached the same Gospel everywhere he went. His epistle to the Philippians confirms that they were Pentecostal .


HERE is the BAD news for many: The Churches at Jerusalem, Corinth and Ephesus, were the ONLY KIND of churches from the FIRST, AND THOSE churches are the ONLY KIND Jesus is coming back to earth to take to heaven . Jesus wont even recognize any other kind of CHURCH-except Pentecostal tongue talking churches like the ones above.

The church Jesus started at the beginning is the Model church he is coming back to earth to get. Get in it today. The rain has begun, the Ark is movin. The ole gang plank is about to be lifted never to be available again to a lost and dying world of sinners. Get in NOW. Join the Jerusalem church. Join the church at Ephesus. Join the Church at Corinth or at Caesarea. Be born of the water and born of the Spirit as required by Jesus to be added to his church at Jerusalem, or at Ephesus, or at Corinth or at Caesarea. Read Acts 2:4-42 and obey it fully. That gospel at the beginning , (Heb. 2:1-8) is the only Gospel Jesus ever sent and the only Gospel Paul and the apostles ever preached. To be saved, obey it today. Heres How to be saved just like those church members were saved so long ago. Jesus never changes.

MORE BAD NEWS for many - - - -

As a young boy I joined the Scouts. When they all shook my hand I felt a lump in my throat . The modern day church

depends on the same kind of lump in the throat emotional impact which comes by the social acceptance of hand shaking preachers and members to convince their converts that the lump in the throat is the only proof they need that their sins are washed away. That is satans greatest deception of the ages . Feel good social group acceptance religion wont save you or bring your body out of the grave and take you to heaven. Warning! Danger! Dont you believe it.

Read Heb. 11:4; and Acts 15:7-12 right now please. You obtain witness from Jesus not the priest or pastor or neighbor, but from Jesus himself. Read Acts 15:7-11, it says - - Jesus Holy Ghost baptism IS Jesus witnessing you are saved.

Call me , I will baptize you with water in the Name of Jesus Christ for remission of your sins and lay hands on you to receive the Baptism that only Jesus Christ gives which is the new birth of the Spirit and you will definitely speak in new tongues. But you will be SAVED. Glory! 1 Corinthians 12:13 says that to get into the Body of Christ you must be baptized by the Holy Ghost. There is no other way into the Body of Christ. Read scriptures carefully without the blindfolds of TV & religion.

You cant JOIN the church. Only Jesus can ADD you to his BODY by baptizing you into HIS BODY with the Holy

Ghost. The Book of Acts says, lost souls were ADDED to the church. You cant join Jesus church.

Get in touch with me if you want to be baptized like everyone in the New Testament was baptized, and you too can receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost which Jesus gives today. Also, if you have cancer, aids, or epilepsy or other sickness or affliction then please go to this web site : nd listen 3 times to the faith building presentation . Then call: (864) 219-7700 and I will minister the healing Gift and you will be healed in Jesus Name of cancer, aids, epilepsy, severe pain or fear, all voo-doo curses broken etc.

Good News !

 A man from a foreign country contacted me. He had AIDS. He listened to the Word on the CD, phoned me-and I called the AIDS devil out and it came out instantly. Today he is preaching the Gospel of Jesus. You too can be delivered. Listen to the CD 3 times then call me for the ministry of the Gift of Healing listed in 1 Cor. 12:7-11. I fasted 43 days and Jesus gave me that gift as well as others. I will be happy to come to your home or group or church or city and minister Deliverance to you.

Dear Neighbor: Your problem is, you have been lied to about Jesus for 1600 years. Wake up. Jesus is alive and still saves and heals all afflictions today. Jesus words and gifts NEVER PASSE AWAY. Just try Jesus today. Get in touch now.

NO one was ever born of the water and born of the Spirit until the Book of Acts. Jesus had to 1)die 2) rise from the dead 3) present his blood on the altar of the Heavenly Tabernacle. Only then could THE life of God which was in that precious Blood be made available to all mankind for the first time in Acts 2:1 -42. Read it for yourself. Then obey vs. 42: They continued steadfastedly in the Apostles Doctrine..not in the Protestant or Catholc but in the APOSTLES DOCTRINE which was recorded in detail in Acts 2:1-42. Read it and obey it if you want to miss hell fire and go to heaven. Salvation in Matt. Mk. Luke and John was under the Law covenant. No one was ever born -again in JOHN or MATT OR LUKE. They got in like Moses did. We get in like Paul did in, Acts 9:3-17 ; The Covenant of Grace began on the Day of Pentecost . There is NO OTHER WAY INTO CHRIST. The way is given in detail in Acts 2:1-42; Acts 8:5-17; Acts 10:43-48; Acts 19:1-7. Read those examples. Obey those examples and you will be saved AND NOT BEFORE. Begin in your home. I will come and minister to you and your family or in the hospital. Lets fellowship around the Word-whose name is Jesus Christ the Lord. Open your church to this ministry and we will reach the entire city.

NOTE: If you are sick with cancer, aids, epilepsy etc. etc. call me immediately for ministry via phone. People are being healed regularly of every sickness. I am looking for your email message for help or information or publications.

Blessings to you in Jesus Name.

In Psalms 107:20, Jesus sent his word and healed them... So I require everyone who wants to be healed of Aids or Cancer or Epilepsy or any affliction to first:
  1. a. Listen to the CD at least 3 times to understand the Words which build faith which will bring your miracle of healing. The CD is attached to this web site and can be listened to right now.
  2. b. You must also read the booklet of instruction, HEALING FOR CANCER AND AIDS which you can download free of charge from this web site. Read that booklet of instruction carefully. Jesus taught: "Hear instruction. Be wise and reprove it not. For (wisdom and instruction) is your life." (Prov. 8;33)
WHY do I require you to read a booklet of instruction and listen to a CD. BECAUSE our world is filled with false and misleading religious information to kill your faith in the real Jesus Christ and his blessings of salvation and healing he provided by the whipping he took and the death he died on a cross all of which paid for...
  1. 1. ...your sins to be forgiven; 1 Peter 2:24, Jesus TOOK our sins into his own body on the Cross. That is why your sins were paid for. Jesus offered himself as a sacrifice to take your death sentence for sin so you could go free if you would really believe in Jesus and give your heart and life over to him and forsake all sin and all other gods and goddesses and worship Jesus Christ only.
  2. 2. ...and your sicknesses to be healed: Matthew 8:17, Himself (Jesus) took our sicknesses and bore our infirmities. And by his stripes (whipping) we were healed. 1 Peter 2:24b.


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