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Robert L. Bufkin Ministries

Photos of Healings for Cancer and Aids World Wide.

First Baptizing ever in Kyuso, Kenya. Now 25 church groups in area of Kyuso. For Fear of Black Mambas-they followed in my steps. I ran witch doctor out of town. No witch doctor has ever come to Kyuso again.

Possessed of devils. He screamed at me when I walked in the ward. I commanded the devils to come out In Jesus Name. They threw him violently back in the bed And screamed like a panther. But then he raised up and said, Thank you for praying for me. He was released the next day.

Baptizing north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. Ice-cold river but the Lord baptized several with the Holy Ghost as they came up out of the water speaking in unknown tongues.

In Kiberia, slums, Nairobi, Kenya. Lady dying with cancer, raised up in Jesus Name. The entire area insisted I come regularly. They made a sign reading, "fishers of men" church, Kiberia, Nairobi, Kenya. Many converts.

Banner ad-first open air crusade in Nanyuki, Kenya. Now there are 27 church groups in area - all forsook, Baal and Muslim-worship Jesus Only.

AIDS ward at village near Nanyuki, Kenya. All healed but one. Note Wooden frame building in back was their living quarters - total isolation. I was the only One who ever went inside. Or laid hands on them. Now several house churches in area.


Historic shot of Mt Kenya in top back. Snow capped year-round. Only visible for 90 minutes daily at noontime. Lies on equator. I was visiting local pastor whose wife had cancer. She was healed of the cancer. Site near Meru, Kenya, east of Nanyuki.


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