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Tribute To My Darling Daughter
Patricia Jean Bufkin

BORN SEPTEMBER 2, 1955 - DIED APRIL 28, 1987

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MEMORIAL by Her Father: Rev. Robert L. Bufkin to the memory of his Precious Daughter Patricia Jean Bufkin

She was the most sincere and dedicated true Pentecostal lady I ever knew. She died of a broken heart and cancer.

† Forever In Our Hearts - Patricia Jean Bufkin †

Written at, 4:00 a.m. April 26, 1987

Sorrow is a wound, a deep wound, that will heal nicely if no grit gets in there.

My wife had died of cancer just 17 months earlier, in 1985. Now, after a heart breaking struggle with cancer, my darling daughter Patricia Jean Bufkin (Gisclair) was at the point of death. Patricia spent her last night on earth at the Jesus Name Pentecostal Apostolic church in NE Memphis TN.

She insisted on being taken to service that night. Somehow I knew that Patricia was going to pass out of this world that same night. The best efforts of medical science and prayers of faith had failed to bring relief from the deadly enemy of cancer.

It was the last night of a series of revival services I had been preaching. I took her home and put her to bed. But at about 1:00 a.m. I awoke and went in her room. Patricia had passed from this life, escorted by a band of angels who were singing a song they composed just for her.

Patricia was the most dedicated and effective, Holy Ghost filled Pentecostal lady I have ever known. Everyone at church loved her and were blest by her consistent life and testimony glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ. She led many souls into the safety and salvation of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. She had even begun preaching a short message each night just before I would take the pulpit.

In my unbearable grief at the recent death of my wife, and now facing the passing of Patricia, out of this world, I was consumed with grief unspeakable.

Then that same night, I sat down at my desk and at about 4:00 a.m., the Lord began giving me the following message like He was quoting it. I typed as fast as I could.

Once there was an oyster in a shallow ocean bay. Suddenly its worst enemy wrapped all five arms around it and began to squeeze.

The oyster held its shell shut tightly as the two rolled on the ocean floor. The Starfish increased its pressure forcing the oyster’s shell to open just a small crack. In the struggle, one grain of sand fell inside the oyster’s shell and landed on its tender flesh.

Finally, with one great heave the oyster shut its shell tightly against its worst enemy. The Starfish then gave up and loosed the oyster from its grip.

Now that oyster had no way of picking up that grain of sand and throwing it out. That grain of sand irritated and cut into the oyster’s tender flesh. Then the oyster began to secrete a silvery fluid which began to coat the sharp cutting edges of the grain of sand.

The oyster kept building a silvery coating over the sharp edges of the irritant until all the rough cutting edges were smooth and rounded.

ALAS! The lowly oyster had turned it wound into a wonder.

Then all its friends came around and said, "My what a beautiful gem you have there. It’s such a lovely pearl with the glow of the moon."

Then they asked, "Where did you ever get such a beautiful pearl?"

And the oyster answered, “I got it from my enemy, in the struggle for my life.

A Post Script to the above tribute.

A few weeks after Patricia's funeral, one of Patricia's friends, a Sister Scott, called me and said: "I had a dream about Patricia last night.

I saw her in heaven in a long white robe. She was smiling and so happy. I asked her, "Patricia have you seen Jesus yet?" Patricia answered, "I’ve not only seen HIM, I have eaten with HIM."

What a blessing that was and has been to me through the years. Yes, I will see Patricia and her dear mother and all my deceased family and friends one day…perhaps very soon.

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